Friday, September 25, 2009

Ride Between Subway Cars for One Full Stop

On my way to Brooklyn I was thinking about my roommates have both accomplished one thing on their list and I hadn't. I was just staring, thinking about this when it hit me... I should ride between the two subway cars. So Alex and I went between the two cars. It was above ground, which I think made it weirder cause I could see how fast we were going, and see the ground go flying by. It wasn't too bumpy, but still somewhat exhilarating. When we came back into the car, some crazy Jewish man pointed to Alex and slapped himself... implying Alex should be slapped for letting me ride between the cars..? Almost as weird as the guy who kept opening the door to scratch the palm of his hand on the rubber edge of the door. Weirdos.

One down.

Attractive face huh?

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