Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The List

For our senior year of college, my two roommates and I started what we're calling our "Senior Year Bucket List." Basically, we're asking each other and our friends to write down things we should do before we graduate college this May. Since we got to school in NYC, some things on our list are things we think we should do in NY before we're not college students anymore. The catch: if we don't accomplish everything on our list by graduation, we have to be naked underneath our graduation robes.

Below is the list, and as more people add I will update this first post...

1. Serenade at least 5 people with an instrument and a song
2. Watch a movie with the volume on an odd number (I have OCD about that..)
3. Write a short story
4. Take a NYC bus tour
5. Go to a rally or protest of your choice and bring a very big sign
6. Draw a picture in sidewalk chalk in Central Park - put a change jar out to see if anyone pays you.
7. Fly a kite in Central Park
8. Name a star after a friend as a gift
9. Go a month without cursing
10. Try to sneak into an awards show
11. Go to DC
12. Give $50 anonymously to another student's account at school
13. Go out to dinner by yourself - and dress up
14. Walk the length of Manhattan
15. Volunteer to read a passage of scripture for Tent
16. Go to school naked except for a trench coat
17. Go polar bearing in the Atlantic (skinny dipping optional)
18. Make the purity medley video
19. Attend a gay/lesbian rights meeting
20. Follow through with monthly 18A4 parties
21. Ride between subway cars for an entire stop
22. Go incredible un-matchy for an entire day
23. Write a song or poem and perform it at the school's open mic
24. Go to a Met's game wearing a Met's hat or shirt, and cheer for the Mets
25. Sponsor a child for at least a year
26. Confess a crush (big or little) and ask that boy on a date
27. Audit the art class for two weeks
28. Write a letter to 10 women in your life ...make them personal and meaningful.
29. Play match-maker for a couple
30. Decorate the bronze lion - with Jordan's face taped on it
31. Go to JFK and buy the first, affordable stand-by roundtrip tickets
32. Play Connect Four with elevator buttons with a friend
33. Wear crocs for an entire week with every outfit
34. Take ------ to the top of the ESB for a romantic look over NY, in January so we have to cuddle to keep warm.
35. Watch every Harry Potter movie in a row in one day
36. Join a class at NYHR
37. Read a Pslam in front of a crowd in Union Square


  1. i'm really diggin' some of these items on this list, share! lemme know when you're headed to union square and i'll come with, ok?

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